C-Tek Flight Controls

Helicopter Flight Simulator Controls

Update: You may notice that our pricing may appear to have changed.  All devices now have their own USB port rather than the old way of buying the USB interface separately.  In the end, your price is about the same only now you don't have to add the USB interface to your order on top of the other devices.  The cost is already included in each device.

All units are built with Hall-Effect Sensor Technology and 12-bit analog senor inputs!!! 
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Welcome to C-Tek Flight Controls, maker of custom helicopter flight simulator controls.  Everything you need for a realistic feel in your home built helicopter flight simulator.

Unlike off the shelf joysticks, our controls provide a "Life Like" feel for helicopter flight simulation.  With our controls, you can now learn to fly without feeling like your playing a video game.  

Our flight controls now have adjustable height to better fit your cockpit design.

Our Cyclic, Collective and Anti-Torque Pedals are made of heavy duty steel, not plastic.  Each pivot point has adjustable friction adjustment so you can set the friction the way you like it.  All end point stops are also adjustable so you can set the amount of travel yourself.

Work with any helicopter model in FS9, FSX, Prepar3D, X-Plane, DCS and many other flight games.

We sell our controls as separate components so you can pick the options you want.  Please note, since our controls are custom built, we can easily make changes to our base design to fit your needs.  Feel free to send us a message and let us know what you need.

Our controls are Made In The USA.

All of our items are sold with a 1 year warranty against defect.